Event: Breakfast with Jeff Pulver (and friends) in Tel Aviv on November 5th


Tomorrow morning, November 5th I will be hosting my fifth Breakfast with Jeff Pulver (and Friends) in Tel Aviv from 0900-1100. With more than 250 people already signed up, this looks like it will be my largest breakfast networking event to date.

To RSVP, please visit this event on Facebook.

Everyone attending this breakfast will receive a "Personal Social Networking Toolkit." Friends can learn more about my “Personal Social Networking Toolkit” by watching the video below:


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The Social Media Jungle: Update #3 - Revised Schedule


On November 13th I will be hosting The Social Media Jungle: Leveraging Social Media for YOU (and your business) in Melville, New York.

Social Media Jungle will focus on how social media will change the way we work and live.

Social Media Jungle - November 13, 2008
Schedule: (as of November 2, 2008)

08:30 - 09:20 - Registration + Networking
09:20 - 09:40 - Jeff Pulver / Welcome & Introduction
09:40 - 10:10 - Chris Brogan, TBA
10:10 - 10:40 - Jeremy Epstein, “What social media means for the future of marketing to customers and consumers.”
10:40 - 11:10 - Leslie Poston, “ROI Is Not Money”
11:10 - :11:30 - Morning Break
11:30 - 12:00 - Howard Greenstein & Dean Landsman: “New Media Strategy in Challenging Times: Conquering the 3 Screen World”
12:00 - 12:30 - Jeffrey Sass, "Learn, Baby, Learn: Turn Your Social Media Addiction Into An Asset!"

12:30 - 1:00 - -Nelly Yusupova, “How to monetize in social media”
1:00- 2:30 - Lunch
2:30 - 3:00 - Brett Petersel & Oz Sultan: "Social Economy; Social Marketing"
3:00 - 3:30 - Steve Lubetki, “How integrating online radio and TV programs can reduce marketing expenses for companies.”
3:30 - 4:00 - Ben Grossman, “How to get a Return on Brand Investment in Social Media”
4:00 - 4:30 - Jamie Thompson, “How to use social media in your personal and professional life – and what the nuances of each are”
4:30 - 5:00 - Justin Oberman, “The Mobile Side of Social Media”
5:00 - 5:15 - Wrap Up /Summary

(The above is the current draft of the event schedule. This is subject to change and will continue to evolve as we approach the event.)

Given the limited number of available seats, I have decided to make Social Media Jungle an invitation only event.

If you would like to attend Social Media Jungle 08, please send your invitation request to me - and please include with your request the reason why you would like to be a part of the event community.

- - -

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Being a Hi-Tech A&R Rep in Tel Aviv:


In the music industry, The A and R (Artists and Repertoire) rep “is the eyes and ears of the record label. The A&R person is sometimes involved in producer-like activities such as choosing songs and sequencing of the record.” It is the A&R person who scouts bars, basements, clubs and lounges for new talent and is sometimes responsible for discovering “the next BIG artist.”

Whenever I’m visiting Tel Aviv and when I get into my mode of back-to-back meetings with early-early stage hi-tech entrepreneurs, I feel as if I serve an equivalent role doing what I can best describe as “Hi-Tech A&R.”

During the past few years I have been fortunate to meet people at the time they were thinking about starting a new business, whose vision I believed was something special and whose core team I felt had what it would take to become future rock stars. While not every group that I have signed to my hi-tech label has turned into a superstar, I feel fortunate that I have helped discover a number of up and rising stars in the Israeli Hi-Tech scene. At the moment while I continue to be doing “Hi-Tech A&R” for my own record label, I wouldn’t mind having an opportunity to be associated with other hi-tech labels in the future. Heads of Hi-Tech record labels should feel free to contact me.

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Next Stop: Tel Aviv


I have been on the road quite a bit this month. So much that in fact, October 2008 feels like one big blur to me. During this month I have visited: Athens, Greece, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Seattle, Boston and tonight I’m heading back to Israel and I will be spending time in both Tel Aviv and Rosh Pina.

There have been times during the past few weeks where I have felt the effects of living in what I can best describe as a “life blur.” This is where things happen around me but I’m so caught up in whatever it is that I am doing that I don’t even notice what else is happening. As a result, this is a month where I have fell behind in responding to emails and I haven’t been able to allocate as much time as I would have liked focusing on what is on my mind and sharing these thoughts in my blog.

While I am in Israel, I will be attending a number of events including:

November 3rd - Beta Goes Public @ The Barbie. My friend Dror Gill (the person who created the meta stickers seen at my breakfasts and the father of “Blog2Song”) is a singer in a cover band called “Beta.” I plan on going to see his performance and supporting Dror with my presence. Friends are invited to join me.

November 4th - Building a Social Network of Environmental Activists in Israel. My friend, Eilon Schwartz, runs one of the central environmental organizations in Israel (www.heschel.org.il) and he is currently trying to think through how to create a social network of environmental activists in Israel, to share ideas and information and nurture partnerships.

I offered to help Eilon find people who would be interested in getting involved and that is the purpose of this meeting.

November 5th - Breakfast with Jeff Pulver (and friends) in Tel Aviv - I am looking forward to hosting a social media breakfast for 150+ of my friends in Tel Aviv.

November 6th-7th - 2008 Rosh Pina Festival - If you are planning on attending and have not registered yet, use the priority code taya8 to receive a bigger discount. I’m looking forward to being back at the Rosh Pina Festival, catching up with my friends who will be there and speaking at the event.

During my visit I will have a cameo role on the Israeli TV show “Mesudarim.” Mesudarim is the Israeli version of “Entourage.” I am pretty excited about this. :)

When I’m not at any of these events, chances are that I will be in a hotel lobby meeting with (early) early stage startups. At the moment I have about 27 such meetings scheduled. While my meeting schedule for this trip is now fully booked, if any friends are aware of an interesting hi-tech Israeli startups that I should know about, please feel free to send me a message and I will setup a meeting during a future visit.

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Using the Internet for Environmental Change in Israel


I am happy to be hosting along with the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership a gathering to discuss how social networks can be used as a tool to promote environmental work in Israel. The Heschel Center, which trains Israel’s environmental leadership, is creating an environmental social network, which will be used to network environmental activity throughout the country. They would like to present their plans to whoever is interested and willing to give feedback to their plans and help create internet tools that will promote a green future.

Please RSVP, as there is only room for 20 to 30 people. The gathering will be held between 10:30 to 1200 on November 4th, at the Heschel Center, 85 Nachalat Benyamin St., between Yehudah HaLevi and Yafo St., in Tel Aviv. 03-5608788.

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Looking forward to attending the 2008 Rosh Pina Festival


Next week while I am in Israel, I will be speaking at the 2008 Rosh Pina Festival. The Rosh Pina Festival brings together digital media executives from both Israel and abroad. The Rosh Pina Festival was started by Ami Giniger, Chairman and CEO of Taya Communications. This year, my friend Yossi Vardi is co-chairing the event.

At this year’s event there will be a number of people from the Israeli Hi-Tech industry who are responsible for developing the next generation technology platforms for the Internet TV ecosystem which together represent a major disruption to the traditional world of Television and broadcasting. This promises to be a great event and should be a must attend event for executives who are either interested in the future of Digital Media as well as those who are responsible for driving the future direction of their respective media companies.

I last spoke at the 2006 Rosh Pina Festival and I was taken back by the number of digital media executives, Israeli TV and Movie celebrities and industry executives who were in attendance.

During the 2008 Rosh Pina Festival I will speaking on a several panels - including: “Live Broadcasting on the net – paradigm shift?” and “Meet the new consumers– Kids Talking Media” and “Meet the investors “ and I will also be sharing my perspective on the Future of TV.

I salute my friend Kfir Pravda who worked tirelessly on putting together the content for this year’s event.

Registration for this event is still open. I look forward to catching up with some of my friends at the 2008 Rosh Pina Festival.

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There are times when Social Media “Just Tastes Great”


I have learned a lot from hosting social media events during the past year.

I am someone who believes there is something special that happens when people who only know each other online have a chance to get together and have shared common experiences in a face to face setting. Face to face experiences over time will strengthen our online relationships.

After hosting more than 30 social networking breakfasts in 17 cities around the world in 2008, I thought it would it would be interesting to try something different. So I decided to host a social media lunch. And when thinking about where to have this lunch I started thinking about social foods, which lead me to Pizza, which how the name “Social Media Pizza” was born.

Back in November 2007 I hosted my first breakfast event in Boston, so I thought it would only be appropriate to host my first Social Media Pizza in Boston too. So a couple of weeks ago, when I knew I would be visiting the Boston area today, I mentioned I would be visiting Boston on twitter. Within a day or so, a few Boston based friends not only suggested that I host the first Social Media Pizza gathering at Regina's Pizzeria, but they took the initiative and took care of the related details which is something I greatly appreciated.

Earlier today I hosted my first “Social Media Pizza” at Regina's Pizzeria in the North end of Boston. And I’m glad I gave the idea of “Social Media Pizza” a try.

What would have been an ordinary afternoon and something that would have been part of the everyday blur of my business travel turned into a special memory for me (and I hope others) when about 25 people got together (including: Brough Turner, Rebecca Corliss, Maria Thurrell, Jason Reuben, David Fisher, Laura Fitton, Randy Cole, Tal Achituv, Michelle Liro, Jeff Cutler, Stephen Dill, Christine Major and Adam Zand) and shared in the pizza lunch. As it turned out, the pizza at Regina’s was great and was the best pizza I had in a long while.

I was taken back by the number of people who were able to come out to share pizza with me on a random Tuesday afternoon in Boston. I just wanted to thank everyone who joined me today. I realize we are all very busy people and it is just as easy to tell someone you are busy doing something than to make an effort to go out and spend time with a few random strangers having pizza. I appreciate the time everyone took to be there and to share themselves.

Around the time we were finishing our pizza, one of the guests mentioned something about the North Boston rivalry between Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry for who has the best cannolis. So a group of us walked from Regina’s Pizzeria to both Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry and took part in a taste test to decide who made the best cannolis. (I think Mike’s Pastry won.)

All in all, I had a chance to have a fun on a Tuesday afternoon in Boston with a little help of social media friends. And I now know there are times when social media “just tastes great.” :)




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Now is a GREAT Time to Invest in Early-Stage Startups:


I believe now is a great time to invest in (early) early-stage startups, especially since due to the current challenging economic times, others are pulling back. I am someone who believes that innovation happens regardless of the economic outlook and whenever everyone starts going in one direction, it is a sign to consider going in another. Tech innovation doesn’t stop happening or start happening just because of the economy. But when times get challenging, so do the odds for making a great startup happen.

During the past couple of years, my core focus has shifted from making investments in companies and their mission to making investments in people and their vision and dreams. I focus on what I consider "early-early stage" opportunities and what I can best describe as “Micro Investing.” The advent of “Web 2.0” has changed the way I approach investing in startups. These days startups can happen at a fraction of what was needed during the ‘dot com” days. A challenge for some of the startups I have been meeting with is understanding what is the minimum amount of capital needed to start the business and build their proof of concept. Another challenge is being able to come to terms of the valuation for their startup. “Entrepreneur’s Denial” is one of the most common reasons why a startup will fail. The Entrepreneur who doesn’t accept a certain valuation and thinks they can get a better valuation had better have a backup fund raising strategy in their back pocket before they jump the gun and say “no!” just because they let their ego get in the way of their fundraising.

Startups which understand this will have a much better chance at raising money regardless of the economic climate.

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